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Thailand Orphanage Project

Contribute in construction and renovation efforts to improve the standards of a range of orphanages in Thailand.

Our program provides an opportunity for you to work creatively in renovation and construction efforts to upgrade the living standards for all the children in the orphanages. 

The children here are not necessarily orphans, many are from poor families who cannot afford to care for them or they come from hill tribes.


Program Description

The two local orphanages provide housing, food and education for orphaned children as well as those whose families cannot afford to take care of them. They provide a home environment for children who come from hill tribes, but were registered as orphans in order for them to be considered Thai citizens.

Most large orphanages in Thailand have integrated their own primary (and secondary) school onto their grounds and these are no exception. The classrooms may seem old and a bit dirty, but the students are lovely and are happy to see our volunteers each day.

The program consists of construction and renovation work that shall improve the school and living standards for all the children. Additionally, you might also get the chance to teach English on a non-formal basis, to help the children in their vegetable garden (for their studies and own consumption) or to create activities and arrange workshops for hygiene, cultural exchange, environmental and other important issues or anything else that might come to mind. 

Our main aim, however, is always to construct and renovate the orphanage grounds, so do expect to work long hours under the sun and get your hands dirty!

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Aims & Objectives of this project

The orphanage offers a safe environment for children coming from underdeveloped backgrounds. Therefore, the orphanage concentrates on the well-being of these children and offers them assistance in developing into young adults. Other children come from remote areas of Thailand, where education is non-existent. 

These children are at the orphanage predominantly for educational purposes, and will return home during certain periods of the year. The aim of the program, therefore, is to maximize and continue to improve the facilities at the orphanage and to help bring smiles to the children along the way!


Add-on: +Learning


What is this?

This is an optional add-on to your program, allowing you to receive an extra certificate. It consists of a self study component (based on readings provided through links) and a set of questions that encourage you to compare the theoretical knowledge to observations you make during your program. To qualify for the extra certificate you need to participate in this program for at least 4 weeks and pass our online evaluation 

More Details on +Learning Add On. 

Learn more about the specific situation of orphans and orphanages in Thailand from an academic perspective. This may teach a more balanced view and a better understanding of the context of our orphanages program. Once on site you may look at your preconceptions and we will ask to compare these with the local situation.

Part 1: Global Perspective

  • Orphanages affect Attachment Theory
  • Pratt Institute General Psychology Class Reading time: 20 minutes
  • Implications of attachment theory: past, present, and future
  • About Kids Health Reading time: 30 minutes
  • Attachment and Emotional Development in Institutional Care: Characteristics and Catch-Up
    Reading time: 8 hours
  • The Disconnected; Attachment Theory: The Ultimate Experiment
    Margaret Talbot NY Times Magazine 1998 Reading time: 40 minutes

Part 2: Local Perspective
  • Filling The Void Apipar Norapoompipat Bangkok Post 2016
    Reading time: 15 minutes
  • The Impacts of Vol. Tourism on the Orphans
    Raweewan Proyrungroj
    Reading time: 1 hour
  • The Promise of EFL Teaching to Reduce Poverty Created by Disabilities among Thai Orphans
    Hugo Yu-Hsiu Lee, Ph.D.
    Reading time: 5 hours
  • Situation of Children in Thailand
    UNICEF Report
    Reading time: (select relevant pages yourself)

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