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Volunteer in China - Ocean Conservation

Are you a lover of sea creatures like turtles and dolphins?

This amazing volunteer project based in Naozhou Island and Donghai Island, China brings together volunteers from all over the world who want to soak in Donghai Island’s scenic beach views while caring for China’s cute and endangered wildlife!


At a glance:

Volunteer: Look after turtles and dolphins in China

Accommodation: Guesthouse in Naozhou Island

Meals: x3 varied and delicious meals a day included

Minimum Stay: 1 week

Dates: The first Monday of each month except December


About the Conservation Program:

This Conservation program will have you helping protect its local sea turtles and dolphins. You’ll help maintain their environment, release animals back into their natural habitat. Together with local staff, you’ll learn more about them and help these endangered creatures and be a part of preserving their legacy to the earth.

There are around 20 disabled turtles living in the centre at one time, and in a separate centre nearby there are several healthy turtles which will be released to the ocean when they recover

At certain times, you may witness the turtle eggs hatching, a beautiful experience, as they are released straight into the ocean when born like nature intended

If you not only love animals but would like to relax with some coastal sunshine and sand, this is the program for you!


There are 5 species of turtles that live in the South China Sea. 

This program breeds and cares after all of these 5 different species:

  • Leatherback 
  • Loggerhead 
  • Hauxville 
  • Green
  • and Olive Ridley turtles

Dolphin Conservation:

This conservation program is located in South China Sea, an island named Donghai Island, where you can both take care of turtles and know more about dolphins in one week.

The dolphin conservation is mainly to promote the idea of protecting dolphins in schools, helping the local centre to build its dolphin museum, and rebuilding any housing damage from the annual typhoon.

Also you may have the chance to see dolphin by boat if you are lucky enough!


What will I be doing?

Monday - Donghai Island

  • After breakfast you will transfer to Donghai Island, where you can visit dolphin and turtle conservation program
  • Lunch
  • In the afternoon, the staff in the dolphin conservation will give brief introduction to you about the area
  • Dinner BBQ night in the beach
Tuesday - Donghai Island
  • Breakfast
  • Take a boat to the sea and if you are lucky, you can see dolphins. After that you can take part in some fishing while you are on the boat
  • Lunch in the centre
  • In the afternoon, help the local staff to rebuild the house and some construction work for the dolphin museum, and then cleaning dust bins on the beach
  • Dinner
Wednesday - Donghai Island
  • Breakfast
  • Help the local staff to rebuild the house and some construction work for the dolphin museum
  • Lunch
  • In the afternoon, visit the local school and teach them in the class about the knowledge of dolphin and how to protect them in the environment

Thursday - Naozhou Island 

  • After breakfast, you will transfer with public transportation to Naozhou Island 
  • Lunch in the island
  • In the afternoon, you will visit the turtle conservation centre and help there

Friday - Naozhou Island

  • Breakfast
  • In the morning, enjoy your time in the island and say goodbye to the turtles After lunch back to Zhanjiang, free time for relaxing
  • City tour in Zhanjiang
  • Dinner (self-organised)
  • Sleepover in Zhanjiang

This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.


  • The simple guesthouse in Naozhou offers you all the basics for your stay on this special little island. You’ll be bringing your belongings for this stay.
  • This quiet, rural island gives you a fresh view of the ocean coastline.


  • Being on a fishing island, enjoy plenty of seafood! Vegetarian options also available. 
  • 3 meals provided on weekdays, 2 on weekends. 


  • Although a small island, there are restaurants, ATMs and mini mart nearby. 
  • A supermarket is in driving distance too.
  • We recommend nearby attractions for you to visit in your spare time like Naozhou Tower, Nayanhai Beach, and a special museum called the Arts of Song Dynasty.


If you not only love marine animals but would like to relax with some sunshine and beaches, this is the volunteer project  for you!


There is a full time (5 days a week) Chinese coordinator with good English ‘on site’ during your stay here. Their time is ‘split’ between Shenzhen (for new arrivals) and the Turtle Reserve. They are there to provide help and support to you and to deal with any problems that arise. Do remember however that their time is split, and they do need a day off in lieu of Sunday working, so they will not always be on ‘your’ site. So make use of them when they are with you. We do recognise that emergencies will not always fit in with their schedule so they are available for real emergencies 24/7 on their mobile.

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