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Panda Wildlife Rescue Reserve and Ya’an Week 

Learn about Tibetan culture and care for Giant Pandas! These still vulnerable black and white wonders of nature are considered a national treasure in China.

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Explore the vast biodiversity of wildlife in China and discover the beautifully unique intricacies of Chinese/Tibetan culture. This unique program gives you the opportunity to get up, close, and personal with adorable Pandas and make a contribution towards their conservation. This is a multifaceted adventure that will give you insight and appreciation for the magnificence that is China!



Program Description

Explore the Hometown of the Panda, learn more about the person who discovered them - Father Armand David.

You will get to lend a hand in a local wildlife shelter. 

This site is not working on reproduction of Pandas nor is it open to the public as a zoo. 

Injured animals rescued by local rangers are taken care of and trained to be released into the wild again. 

You will be able to work with Pandas as well as with other animals at the shelter.


Pandas are always hungry! 

  • So one of your tasks will be, together with the local team, to prepare their food like - Panda bread, apples, carrots and of course their favourite: Bamboo. 
  • Feed them with what you prepared, clean their enclosures and ensure that they are secure in their environment.

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Later in the week, travelling further through Ya’an Province, you will have the opportunity to experience authentic Tibetan culture and customs, as you spend two days visiting some of the most enchanting and scenic places in China. 

There you will get to know the local foods, clothing and the traditional style of living.

Aims & Objectives

  • Give you a practical and hands on experience in animal conservation
  • Assist a local wildlife shelter with your efforts
  • Provide an opportunity to learn about biodiversity from experts
  • Gain insight through an introduction into Tibetan culture and customs




  • Breakfast in Chengdu or the Panda Reserve, depending on your previous program or if you just arrived.
  • Leave to Ya’an City (2 hours from Chengdu, 0.5 hours from Panda Reserve) and from there head on to Baoxing (1.5 hours)
  • Check in at a guest house and leave your luggage there
  • Get to know each other and learn about the program for this week
  • Visit the Panda-themed center of Baoxing, also called ‘Hometown of the Panda’
  • Lunch
  • Visit ‘Fengtongzhai Natural Reserve’. Here you have a chance to see wildlife (and maybe even wild Pandas!) up-close. If you want, hike up one of the mountains part-way.
  • A local museum opens it’s doors just for our group. Learn more about local animals and plants and their protection.
  • Dinner
  • Stay overnight at the guest house in Baoxing


  • Breakfast
  • Go to a local wildlife shelter
  • Help preparing food for the Pandas and feed them
  • Clean up the Park
  • Lunch
  • Help preparing food for the Pandas and feed them
  • Participate in the general work at wildlife shelter. There might be other injured animals that need caretaking.
  • Visit the David Museum, the church he built and the room where he stayed. Learn about his life, his discoveries and the history of Panda protection in China.
  • Tea-time! Ya’an is nationally famous for its tea. Take the chance and taste it.
  • Dinner
  • Stay overnight at the guest house in Baoxing


  • Breakfast
  • Go to the local wildlife shelter
  • Help preparing food for the Pandas and feed them
  • Clean up the park
  • Lunch
  • Head out to visit a nature reserve
  • Assist workers there to do basic detection work and observe the various physical signs of wildlife
  • Go on a hiking tour around the reserve area to discover different species of plants and animals with the help of professionals
  • Camp outdoors, make a bonfire and learn some outdoor survival skills. If the weather not good, you’ll stay in a guest house instead.
  • Dinner: Barbecue together
  • Stay overnight in the tent/guesthouse in the reserve


  • Travel to Qiaoqi, a Tibetan town (1.5 hours)
    Visit a natural scenic spot sometimes described as “Wonderland”. Gaze on the mountainscape, the forest, the meadows and small rivers. Hard to describe the beauty in words, really. Just go there and look yourself ;)
    If you want, you can walk up a mountain. Even better view.
  • Dinner
  • Stay overnight at a local Tibetan style guest house in Qiaoqi


  • Breakfast
  • Walk around the town you just spent the night in. Lot’s of Tibetan style buildings, clothes and gift shops.
  • Lunch: Have a traditional Tibetan meal
  • Travel back to downtown Ya'an
  • If you need to return to Chengdu early, e.g. for catching your flight on Saturday morning, now is the time. Our coordinator can help arrange your bus and a hostel in Chengdu at your cost.
  • If you’re still here, Evening: We’ll visit a famous bridge with traditional Chinese buildings on it. Afterwards we may go for Karaoke or taste the local cuisine.
  • Dinner: We provide dinner but you may decide to taste one of the many local specialties on your own instead.
  • Stay overnight at a guest house in Ya’an City


  • Breakfast
  • Leave Ya'an to Chengdu. If this is the last week of your program (around Chengdu) it’s time for you to say goodbye. Otherwise stay in Chengdu to connect to your next program.

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