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Wild Horse Mustang Rescue Project

If you love horses, and would love to be part of the Mustang Wild Horse Rescue Project - then this is definitely something you'll love!

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The wild Mustang horse is often called the Spirit of the West and they are in need of your help! 

Volunteer 2-10 weeks at this awesome project in Florida! Longer stays are available just ask.

Care for the horses, clean their stables, feed them, wash them, just spend undemanding time with them, and go for horse rides! What more could you actually want? 

Oh yeah - did we mention it's in Florida?

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The ranch is located on the east coast of America, in Florida state located between forests, lagoons and the ocean with its beautiful and famous beaches! 

Mustangs were introduced to the US as domestic horses in the early 1500’s by the Spaniards. These horses later formed a large wild population and came to play a critical role in the building of America. The United States is virtually built on their backs. These days, now they are not needed for labour and transport anymore, they are sadly being mistreated and exploited by some humans.

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In the early 1900’s, the wild mustang population was estimated to be over 2 million. Today, there are only 40,000 left in the wild and there are many in captivity in need of rescue. 

Caring for a wild horse is drastically different than caring for a domesticated horse, sadly, this is often leads to mistreatment and neglect of wild Mustangs in captivity. 

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If this sounds like you then come to beautiful Florida and help with the day to day activities and rescue and rehabilitate Wild Mustang Horses! This project is in need of your help all year round! 

The owner of the project lives and breathes Mustangs and her passion for them is evident in the care she gives them.

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This project is located between ranchland, forests, lagoons, wetlands and the ocean a recipe for amazing trail rides!  The work with the wild horses is by no means an easy holiday option and you will be involved in animal care, food preparation, cleaning, maintenance and educating the public. 

As you'll know - horses do create a lot of work. 

Here in the Auckland office we all own horses so feel free to chat to us about what's involved. 


What you'll be involved in

  • Assist hands on and observationally at this amazing Wild Mustang Horse Rescue centre and get involved with these amazing & beautiful creatures!
  • Learn and assist with the care and habits of wild horses
  • Educate the public
  • Go Horse riding over beautiful Trails in Florida's countryside
  • Assist with training Wild horses to help them prepare for a second chance in life!
  • You'll get some time to explore the local area too

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Details of the Mustang Rescue Project

  • the Project runs all year round - winters are generally mild
  • Volunteer project length options are 2-10 weeks
  • Average Work hours: 6 days a week, 4 - 6 hours per Day
  • Number of Volunteers at one time: 3-12
  • Volunteer accommodationShared accommodation in a large 4 bedroom ranch house
  • Internet Access: Yes, however you will need to bring your laptop/phone/tablet

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Who Are We Looking For?

Love of the outdoors and a passion for animals is a priority. You should not be fussy, picky or finicky about cleaning as this is one of the main chores.  We will not tolerate smoking, alcohol or the use of drugs. Please remember that you are a guest, therefore, respecting the rules is essential. Horse riding experience preferred but not necessary.

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What's Included

  • Pre-arranged volunteer placement
  • Airport Pickup on a Monday between 11am and 9pm: we will be waiting for you at the airport and transfer you to your at the volunteer project. Outside those hours there is an additional charge of $100 for airport transfer. Departures are Mondays between 11am and 9pm
  • Accommodation: Shared accommodation in a large ranch house - see more photos or cabin
  • Meals: Three meals a day included during your entire stay. You will be expected to help out at meal times. 
  • Horse Riding: There are many possibilities to go for trail rides through forests and wetlands in amazing Florida. All rides are wit a staff member - please remember the rehab and rescue and care of the horses comes first but we try and ride once a week. 
  • Tours: Through our own IWH Travel we can help you book tours in the USA after you have finished your volunteer project. We can help you with organising the best flights there and back too. We can recommend some good insurance which includes working with and riding horses too.
  • Support before you go - we'll link you up with others on the same project and we're here for you at any stage should you need us - we love to hear updates from our volunteers too (hint hint we love photos)


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Your responsibility 

The purpose and goals of the project is to provide a temporary and in some cases permanent sanctuary for Wild Mustang horses that have been abused, abandoned, neglected, confiscated or previously owned by people unwilling or unable to provide for these magnificent beings. 

Additionally, the awesome project also strives to create greater awareness and understanding of the wild Mustang. They offer mentoring classes for Mustang owners; hold workshops on care and gentling of Mustangs; give educational seminars on Mustangs in American History, and bring Mustangs to wildlife festivals and other community events. 

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Your main tasks will mainly consist out of the following but are not limited to:
  • Food preparation
  • Feeding & Cleaning
  • Animal health care
  • Educating the public
  • Trail Rides
  • Assisting in construction and maintenance of the enclosures
  • Grooming of the horses
  • All volunteers rotate house chores (cleaning, cooking).
  • As a volunteer, you'll get to participate in every day horse care and barn maintenance as well as real hands on care of rescued and abused horses. A big part of volunteer work is socialising with rescued and wild/semi-wild mustangs.

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Heart Strings 

When we rescue horses from abusive and neglectful environments, they are often at the brink of death. The goal is to nurse them back to health, tame and train them so they have a chance at being adopted in to a loving home. The majority of them can indeed be tamed, trained and adopted – others cannot. The horses that cannot be tamed are known to be “wild at heart” and  the project “will never force them to work with them and be tame if they don’t want to”. These wild horses live out their days at the centre because their chances of being adopted are minimal.

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Requirements, Guidelines & Policies

  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Volunteers must commit for 2 weeks or more
  • NO SMOKING is allowed on the property
  • Strong work ethics are required: reliable, responsible, honest, good sense of humour, dependable
  • No animal allergies (goes without saying really)
  • Vegan and Gluten free volunteers will need to buy their own extra food requirements. Vegetarian catering is available. The project owner and staff make several trips into the stores during the week, and the volunteers are more than welcome to join and purchase items for themselves.

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Please use the form below to schedule your free phone consultation to discuss which project may suit you best or specifics of this one. We're here to help. 

Fill out my online form.

I stayed at the centre for three weeks to volunteer as an international learning experience for high school. I've had the most amazing time. Being around these horses gives you an opportunity to calm down and the centre has a very relaxing atmosphere. It's special to see some of the new horses that are very sensitive and how they're treated in a gentle and positive way. I was also amazed when I saw pictures of some of the horses when they came into the centre, Diane is a passionate woman who puts a lot of effort in her work and it shows!

As a volunteer I have been taken care of in the most hospitable way, for which I'm very thankful. I also had the opportunity to discover Florida, everyone there knows the best places to take you to! 

If you're staying for a long time, get ready to discover some beautiful nature and wildlife.

I would certainly recommend this to anyone with a love for animals - it'll be a wonderful experience!

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My Mum and I visited for 2 weeks and it is a experience we will carry with us for the rest if our lives. You get to work closely with rescued mustangs in rehabilitation - it is an extremely rewarding experience, I can recommend this place to anyone of any age who loves horses and who is looking for a meaningful experience.

We'll find you the perfect job overseas.
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