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Pre-arranged Resort Positions -12 months Work & Travel at Montage Deer Valley

Fancy working in one of the biggest ski resorts in the USA, where the US ski team trains? Join other workers on a fun year working in Utah!


At a glance:

12 months at Montage ski resort in Utah, USA

Accommodation: Near the resort (first come first served)

Meals: Meals during work hours are included

Dates: All year round

Sponsored Visa

Minimum stay: 6 months

International Student Internships also available


About the Working Holidays and Internships at Montage Deer Valley:

You’ll be staying on a mountain retreat located less than five minutes from Park City’s celebrated Main Street. It’s an easy 40-minute drive from Salt Lake City International Airport, the largest spa in Utah, and five inspired dining options including a pub with its own bowling alley/, There’s also along with amazing year-round activities including hiking, mountain biking, golf, outdoor concerts, and fly-fishing!.


What will I be doing at The Utah Ski Resort?

Pre-arranged working holiday positions at this fantastic ski resort include;

  • Servers
  • Bartenders
  • Front Desk
  • Bellmen
  • Concierge
  • Guest Relations
  • -Housekeeping Office Coordinator
  • -Housekeeping Floor Supervisor
  • -Spa Front Desk

Approximate pay rates 


  • Servers $5.50/hr
  • Bartenders $7.25/hr
  • Front Desk $14/hr
  • Bellmen $8/hr
  • Concierge $14/hr
  • Guest Relations $14/hr
  • Housekeeping Office Coordinator $14/hr - 
  • Housekeeping Floor Supervisor $17/hr
  • Spa Front Desk $13/hr

Typically staff get 2 days off a week and work a minimum of 32 hours per week. 

70% of the staff are young so it's a great place to work and live!

Activities you can do on days off include: Skiing, tubing, snowshoeing, snowmobile-ing, movies, shopping, hiking, biking, camping, and fishing. 

The season runs from May to April ideally but other start dates are available.


  • Discounted staff housing is available on a first in first serve basis so if you start mid season you may need to find your own local accommodation.
  • The resort offers limited on-site housing on a first- come, first-serve basis depending on completion of your New Hire Paperwork. 
  • Human Resources will send out the New Hire Paperwork to everyone on the same day to ensure the process is fair. You will need to electronically sign all of the documents to be added to the housing list.
  • They currently have 2 separate housing options. If accepted into housing, please be prepared to pay your deposit and the first month of rent, in cash, to the Montage General Cashier. 

Costs (USD):
  • Deposit $130.00
  • Rent (4 person occupancy) $272.05
  • Rent (6 person occupancy) $181.36
  • Utilities - Included

On-Site Housing: 
  • On-site housing provides staff and your roommates with beautiful balcony studio hotel rooms with views of the mountain. It is located inside of the resort on the 4th Floor. Up to four (4) staff of the same gender may be housed in each room. 
  • Two full-sized bunk beds are provided with linens and pillows. 
  • On-site housing occupants are invited to eat in Otto’s Café for three meals per day, although are never allowed to take food, beverages or plates etc out of the Café for personal consumption. On-site housing includes all utilities and Internet access.
Off- Site Housing: 
  • Off site housing is located in a condominium property just 1 mile from the hotel and consists of three 2 bedroom units, each accommodating 4 staff. 
  • The housing is accessible via the Purple line bus, which runs every 30 minutes during the summer season.
Off site Housing Prices in (Costs USD)
  • Deposit $300.00
  • Rent (4 person occupancy) $319.11
  • Utilities - Included
Within 72 hours of your arrival you will be required to sign your housing contract and be required to pay your housing deposit. If you do not pay your housing deposit to the general cashier within 72 hours, you will be charged a non-refundable $50.00 late fee. Your first month of rent will be deducted from your first paycheck, so please budget accordingly.

Note: Smoking is prohibited in all on-site housing rooms and balconies.

Arrival and Transfers

You will be collected from Salt Lake City Airport and taken to the resort or staff housing

   Additional Perks:

You will receive a discounted Ski pass: the employer pays $539US and you only pay $100US, plus you will also receive accommodation / retail / f&b / spa discounts!

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Application Process:

  1. Complete the application form and pay $250 deposit to book
  2. We will ask for your CV, references, police check and medical
  3. You will have an interview with us. At that point if we don't feel you are suitable for the program, or do not qualify, we will refund your deposit
  4. We will arrange a skype interview with the resort and you to talk about possible positions and job offers
  5. Once you have been offered a position you will receive housing registration unless you are starting mid season - in which case if there are vacancies in housing we will let you know
  6. We will help you find the best flights
  7. We will sponsor your visa and send you visa application instructions
  8. You will need to visit the US Consulate in Auckland for your visa appointment
  9. Pack and depart!
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