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Planning your OE?  Welcome to International Working Holidays

The Ultimate Hospitality Internship in America at 4 and 5 star locations all over USA.

We pre-place kiwis into amazing paid Internships for 12 months across America in some of the best Hotels including Hyatt, Ritz Carlton and Marriotts. 

IWH Hotels USA Jobs 650w.png
IWH Hotels USA Jobs 650w.png

That's right - you'll have a job before you leave NZ. We have more jobs than we have applicants, so our placement rate is 100% - a guaranteed position as long as you meet the application criteria. 

What you get;

  • Guaranteed placement as an intern or trainee in a 4 or 5 star hotel or resort in America
  • Jobs are live out so you get to rent an apartment nearby and really immerse yourself into the local culture.
  • A 12 month Intern or Trainee J1 Visa sponsorship
  • You will receive a 2 week orientation then you'll be rotated into various positions in the hotel depending on your qualification and experience, and your career interest.
  • Pay ranges from $10US to $15US per hour
  • Insurance for your entire stay
  • Help finding accommodation (employers have local contacts and we have others who are leaving apartments etc)
  • A freephone number for 24/7 emergency support in USA
  • Support in USA throughout your year
  • A local NZ Facebook group to hook up with other kiwis doing the same things
  • A handbook to guide you through your arrival, visa and your year ahead
  • Exclusive ultimate 4 and 5 star Hotel/Resort experience for your CV and career
  • A reference from the Executive Chef for example rather than just from HR - your highest supervisor will do your reference - not just the HR department. 
  • Assistance with flights through our own travel department - we can get you some awesome deals

Work experience related to your field of study can be hard to get - this get's you not only in the door but experience at top level in American 4 and 5 star hotels and Resorts.

The Employers include;

  • Hyatt
  • Ritz Carlton
  • Marriott

Locations include:

  • Northern California
  • Florida
  • Palm Springs
  • New Orleans

Criteria to apply: 

A combination of a tertiary or polytech qualification and/or extensive work experience to confirm that you will be accepted into the programme. 

Please contact us with a brief background on any qualifications you hold and work experience to confirm that you will be accepted into the programme if you are unsure. 


In order to qualify as an academic institution, schools will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Program must be a minimum of 2 years study*
  • A minimum of 50% of coursework must be academic in nature and offered in a classroom setting
  • Studies must include at least some general education not specific to a singular trade or profession (i.e. mathematics as opposed to management accounting for hospitality professionals, or languages as opposed to English for marketing managers etc)

    *One year masters programs will continue to be accepted towards eligibility so long as applicants complete their first year of studies prior to beginning their internship.

How much will it cost?

We have outlined all the potential and compulsory costs for you so you know how much to budget for: 

Our fees:

  • $398 application fee
  • Balance of $4855 for the programme fee - this includes your 10-12 month insurance and your SEVIS fee.

Other costs to consider: 

  • Flights from Auckland to New Orleans, Florida or Los Angeles from $899. LA $899 New Orleans $1159, Miami $1199 
  • J1 Visa application fee - US$160 (subject to change at any time) paid directly to the US Consulate. You must have an interview at the Auckland office therefore you will need to cover your transport costs to obtain your visa.
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