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Educare in America

A great opportunity for young people to spend a year in the USA, studying part time at and American college or university while working and living with an American family

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Study courses will be for a minimum of 6 hours a week. Courses offered will appeal to those who are looking to enhance their future career, perhaps increase their knowledge of a subject already studied or are looking for the opportunity to embark on something totally new. Courses include business administration, marketing, psychology, and economics.

The job

In exchange for free room and board and a weekly payment of US$146.81, you will become a companion to your host family’s school aged children, 6 years and above and will be required to provide before and after school care for up to 30 hours per week. You will therefore have the free time to participate in the course of your choice. You will live with your host family as a member of their family.

We have loads more information for you about Educare in America on our sister site - Nannies Abroad - please join us there for more.
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