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Nanny legally in USA and have the best year of your life!

To allow you to nanny in the USA legally, we work with the Au Pair in America programme - the World's leading Au Pair-Nanny programme.

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"Au Pair" means 'on par with' or 'equal to' the Host Family - you are not just an employee. On our programme to USA the word 'au pair' means nanny or Mothers Help and NOT cleaner or housekeeper. You will be treated as an equal member of the family.

As a nanny you will live with your host family, care for the children and join in their daily routine at home. When you are not involved in baby sitting or child care, you will have free time to meet up with other nannies, study, travel and enjoy the culture and surroundings of your American home.

We have loads of information for you to have a look at, so much so we have a whole sister site just for nannying abroad - Nannies Abroad.


We'll find you the perfect job overseas.
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