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We here at International Working Holidays have your time off in the UK all sorted and to do that we have teamed up with IWH Travel to bring you the best festival deals and party tours. Say no more!

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This page is all about partying, travelling, surfing, and backpacking. 

We have found the best trips and tours at all the best festivals in Europe, such as Running of the Bulls, Oktoberfest, La Tomatina, Sziget music festival, and tonnes more. 

What's more we have negotiated some awesome prices for you. Just because you're IWH Family. 

Take a look at the destinations below ... 

Oktoberfest (Sept/Oct)

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Oktoberfest - you have to do this while in the UK!


Officially the world’s biggest party, Oktoberfest draws a crowd of seven million people every year to celebrate the three best things to come out of Germany: beer, bratwurst and pretzels. Included in that crowd is thousands of Aussies and Kiwis and they usually end up in the same Tent!

Where: Munich, Bavaria, GermanyWhen: September/October 
Camping: 4-7 days from $415 - $895
Travel there options: Coach from London, make your own way, coach + visit Prague on way home, 
Meals: includes breakfast

Group size: 48-51




La Tomatina - The world famous Tomato Fight.

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Throw hundreds of thousands of tomatoes at tens of thousands of people.

Join in La Tomatina - the world's biggest food fight. A 4 day trip staying in Valencia we bus you to La Tomatina and back. You make your own way to Valencia. It's not just a myth that the festival doesn’t kick off until someone has climbed up a greased pole to retrieve a ham (no, really), however a canon blast will also signal the start of the tomato onslaught at 11am. Huge trucks packed with tons of tomatoes then roll through the street dropping their loads. Then it’s game on and it’s everyone for themselves! The fight lasts for an hour - which may not sound like much but it’s a long time if you’re repeatedly getting pelted with tomatoes!

Includes: 3 breakfasts, 3 nights in hostel or hotel accommodation, Guided tours of Valencia, Awesome Trip Leader
Transport: Modern air-conditioned coach transfer to Bunol for La Tomatina festival (and back) with free Wi-Fi, including power points for charging electronics on bus.
When: End of August 
Cost: $590 - $630 NZ
Group Size: 50



Sziget Music Festival

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Sziget Festival is full to it’s Budapestal brim with culture, music and arts. 

This massive festival started from humble beginnings and a tiny budget, but 11 years later, it’s booming. Sziget is one of the most exciting music festivals in Europe with like, a gazillion different acts in the heart of uber-cool Budapest. You'll explore the epic Balkans en route. Travel through stunning Dubrovnik, Sarajevo and Belgrade, all before rocking out with over 400,000 other punters in Hungary’s capital. Budapest has never looked so hot.

Where: Sziget, Budapest, Hungary
When: August - 10 Days Dubrovnik to Budapest - Explore the beautiful Balkans then party it up
How: Coach from Dubrovnik to Budapest- visiting 4 countries: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary
Cost: $1995 for 2017
Also includes: Tours of all major cities, Budapest public transport ticket for 3 days, Tickets for 3 days entry to Sziget Festival, Visit to Mostar
Sleep6 nights dorm accommodation (multi-share), 3 nights hotel accommodation (multi-share)
Meals: includes 9 breakfasts, and 4 dinners 
Group size: 48





Edinburgh City comes alive with people from all over the world partying to bring the new year in style

- it's usually freezing but amazing!! Nothing you'll ever experience in NZ.  

Party people from all over the world get together to bring in the New Year at one of the world’s biggest outdoor parties under the stunning backdrop of Edinburgh Castle. There are 4 Street Party Stages in Edinburgh featuring various different music genres on 31st of December!

You’ll kick off with a tour of the sights, then, we’ve got you covered with tickets to the main event: an epic street party to ring in the new year. Expect stages of traditional, alternative and party music with a firework display to rival all firework displays. All you gotta do is decide on what to wear. Happy Hogmanay!

Includes: 3 nights accommodation, Tickets to Hogmanay, 3 Breakfasts to help with the hangovers, Ticket to the annual Torchlight Procession

Group Size: 48


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