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Let us help you make your arrival into London pain free. UK Arrival & Job Packages.

We have some amazing options for you if you are heading to the UK.

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Being so close to Europe London is the perfect place to base yourself - but with the recession hitting pretty bad over there - times have changed and you may want to sure up some work before you leave - or at least some support. We can help.

We can not only help getting you into work - but we'll help kick off your social life too! From Football Matches to Festivals, Pub Crawls and Membership to the Church - we have it all. We care as much about getting your social life rockin as much as we care about getting your Bank Account and Job sorted.

Check out our UK Arrival Packages

Essentials Uk Arrival Package

Essentials Uk Arrival Package

Essentials Arrival UK Package includes everything the Basix pack does but - you also get a tube oyster card, with credit and credit on your SIM, plus minutes to call home. ... Read more

IWH UKOE Arrival Survival Package

IWH UKOE Arrival Survival Package

everything's included - we'll help you with accommodation on arrival, bank account, finding a job, and loads more to get you sorted and earning money fast... Read more

Stress Free UK Visa Service

Stress Free UK Visa Service

Stress Free UK Visa Service for Kiwis making it absolutely worry free. We manage it all for you. You just concentrate on packing! It comes with a UK bank account and NHS set up plus heaps more - based here in NZ... Read more

The Basix Arrival UK Package

The Basix Arrival UK Package

The Basix Arrival UK Package helps kiwis get sorted fast soon after arriving in London with a bank account, NHS number and heaps more... Read more

Uk Job and Arrival Package Combos

Uk Job and Arrival Package Combos

We'll organise you a job full time, part time or temporary in Teaching, Construction, Hospitality, Accounting, Admin, Customer Service or as a Live in carer - plus we sort out your bank account, NHS and Orientation... Read more

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Early on in 2013 I had been working in the same job for 5 years and I just needed some change, I needed to do something different, to explore and find out who I was and what it was I wanted in life. I started to look online for ideas and I stumbled upon Camp America. I had never done anything like this but the more I looked into it the more excited by the idea I became, I decided to take the plunge and give it a go, I mean what's the worst that could happen? In hindsight that was the best decision I have ever made, that was my first contact with IWH and having gone to a summer camp in the USA and moved to London through IWH I can't say how much help they were to me. The team at IWH really know what they are doing and really care about their jobs, it makes everything so simple and reassuring, I have recommended and will continue to recommend the team to everyone I can. The reason it was the best decision I ever made? It's been 3 years since I first made contact, I have returned to the same camp twice (meeting my girlfriend the second time). I moved to London and have travelled countries around Europe before moving along with my girlfriend from camp to Ireland. Now We are getting near the end of our visa before myself and my girlfriend are moving home to NZ for a whole new chapter of life to begin. IWH started me off on a 3 year journey that has completely changed my life and I couldn't be happier.

Thank you

Todd Barraclough

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