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UK Arrival and Job FAQs

Got questions about your Big OE to the UK?

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How much do I need to budget for?

  • Ancestry Visa $875, Health Surcharge, £1000, Service fee $645
  • YMS Visa $497, Health Surcharge £300, Service fee $585
  • Plus you need to prove you have the equivalent of £1895 in your bank account to gain entry
  • Flights - we our IWH Travel department can help arrange flights. Flights are generally NZ$1,500+ to London from Auckland

Can you pre-arrange accommodation? 

Yes but it’s not recommended (unless you’re doing the UK Pub job as those are live-in anyway)

Otherwise, if you want to organise it before arrival, you can do but it depends on availability. 
Usually it’s possible a month before arrival - the private Facebook group you are able to join comes in handy for finding flats.  Most people however like to get a feel for London and which areas they like best however. 


Is there pre-arranged work before I arrive?

Only with the UK Pub job (which you need at least 6 months experience in hospitality to be eligible for it). However you’ll just need to trust that we have contacts that will hire Kiwis on a working holiday visa (not all employers hire people on a working holiday visa). The job start promise package offers a reimbursement of 100 pounds if you aren’t working within 14 days - no one has ever needed this as they’ve had enough work. 


I want to work in something other than hospitality, bar and events plus I’m not a qualified labourer or teacher and I don’t really like kids….

The hospitality, events and bar work is easy to sign up for, fun and provide training on site and will secure you income as soon as you arrive in the UK. You can apply for as much work as you need and easily take time off to go explore Europe. 

People often work at concerts with massive names like Beyonce or big sporting events - some even saw the Queen the on one of their jobs! 

You can still job hunt on the side, but it’s important to be earning money to get as soon as possible!  

Who is the “UK Team” and what will they actually provide?

The UK team (our long time partners) - are actually Aussies and Kiwis based in London who have been in the exact position that you’ve been in before! They are there to help you for your entire stay in the UK.
Once you arrive they will help you set up your bank account, NHS number and will provide you with a SIM card of your choice.
There’s always a friendly face, free Wi-Fi, computers, printers and cups of tea if you need it.

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