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UK OE Visa - Operation Amsterdam

Travelling before you get to the UK and can't figure out how to get your UK Visa and make the dates work?

If you're already half way across the world and want to continue onto the UK to start a working holiday, rather than spending thousands of extra dollars on flights home to get your Visa then this is what you've been waiting for! 

To apply for a UK Visa, you need to apply from a country where you have worked/lived in legally in for 6 months or more. After that, you have 90 days to activate your Visa in the UK following your submission.

For many people traveling abroad for a time period exceeding 90 days or if they're doing Camp America, this would mean that they'd need to return all the way home to apply for their Visa only to then fly all the way back. 


That's where we come in!

Operation Amsterdam UKOE!

If you're already half way across the world and want to continue onto the UK to start a working holiday adventure rather than spending thousands of extra dollars on flights then this is what you need.  

How it works

  1. First you'll need to get your Tier 5 YMS or Ancestry Visa & Netherlands Working Holiday Visa documents all ready to go with the assistance of our UK team before arrival into Amsterdam. (This is the standard service even if you are applying from home & isn't an extra charge to for the Netherlands Visa). It means:
    - Your Visa application will not be submitted until we are 100% sure that it'll be successful! 
    - You will have your very own Visa consultant guide you through the whole process.
    - You’ll also get to be invited into the private FB group, so will start being able to research flats & network with other kiwis/Aussies ahead of time.  

  2. Arrival to our backpacker accommodation - you'll be given directions there as well as directions to the British High Commission for your appointment. They will also allow for your passport to be sent to their address.

  3. Book biometrics appointment at the British High Commission.
    - Your Passport & Visa will take approx 4 weeks after your documents are sent to return. 
    - Alternatively - you can pay €183 for the express option so it will only take 2 weeks.

  4. Fly to London and head to your Orientation which includes: 
    • Choice of UK Bank Account
    • 2 x Fee Free Money Transfers
    • Choice of UK SIM Card
    • National Insurance Number Arranged
    • Arrival Info Party – 2 hours advice, information and social introduction to the UK
    • Accommodation Advice & Assistance
    • Including the following
    ==> Introductions to pre-checked agencies specialising in easy, affordable budget accommodation on monthly short term contractual basis
    ==> Forum to enable participants to meet and liaise with others to share flats / houses / rooms
    • One Big Night Out Pub Crawl
    • Camden Pub Crawl
    • Exclusive Walkabout Pub discounts
    • 5 Days Gym Membership
    • Discounted Monopoly Themed Pub Crawl
    • Discounts on many major musicals, shows, themed parties, outings and adventures
    • Membership to our 365 day social events club
    • On-going advice, support and guidance
    • Including the following
    ==> No Expiry Open Door Policy for entire time spent in the UK
    ==> Free Wifi at the London base
    ==> Access to Free Printing & PC facilities

Job Packages/Accommodation Options 

  • Job Start Promise Package - Assistance with finding a flat in London. No experience necessary. Sign up for full-time or part time hours & work as a temp or long-term.
    - Sectors with little or no experience include; live in disability and/or aged care (21+), hospitality, events, bar work & teacher aide (childcare experience required)
    - Sectors which require experience include; teaching (qualification required), labour/construction, administration, accounting, customer service,  
  • High Commission Promo Job/Flat Package - Cheap accommodation sorted - ability to move around UK & Europe with this sales job. 
  • UK Pub - Live in & (sometimes) meals included. Experience required. Must commit to at least 4-6 months.  
  • UK Nanny - Live in positions, meals included. ​​Experience required. 

You get $50 off your selected Job Package* with UKOE Operation Amsterdam

*Does not include UK Nanny


Services of IWH Travel come to you free of charge - we're nice like that. 

Dale at IWH Travel can help give you an idea of the following: 
  • Accommodation in Amsterdam which will allow your a passport to be sent there
  • Flights from NYC - Amsterdam - London (if you’re wanting to find your own flights then you can always just get Dale to book them on your behalf so you’ll have an actual person to deal with should you need anything changed and she can hopefully either match or get you a lower fare!). 


We'll need to get organising everything as far in advance as possible. Otherwise to get an express option for your Visa application, you're looking at another $100 to speed the process up down the track. 

Visa Service Only

Tier 5 YMS Visa Service - use this application form

Ancestry Visa Service - use this application form


Job Package + Visa

You’ll be able to select your Job Package and then add on the Visa package using this application form

If you need help deciding on which option is best for you for the big move to the UK - email shelby@iwh.co.nz or call us on 09 632 1138 and we'll help you figure out which plan will work best for you! 

We'll find you the perfect job overseas.
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