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High Commission Promotional Job & Flat Package

Are you a chatty and friendly person, and want the chance to work abroad? If you love talking to people and think you're pretty good at telling people how cool something you love is - and want the chance to earn great commissions off that - then this really is the best working holiday option we have for you!

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At a glance:

Working Holiday: Promotional work with a paintballing company

Accommodation: First 2 weeks free; then discounted 

Meals: not included 

Dates: Every week

Minimum stay: 3 months


About the Working Holiday

We work with the largest paintball operator in the world! We’ll provide you with a very high paid commission promotional job, with the opportunity to work with them all over the world, including most cities in the UK, plus Dublin, Stockholm, Norway, Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary!. This is an incredible opportunity.


What will I be doing in the job?

You'll be trained to set up and operate paintball promotions through a variety of avenues in 
  • Shopping Malls
  • Events and Expos
  • Universities and 
  • Shows and Fairs

What’s needed? Who is perfect for this job?

  • Those who have excellent communication skills (or ‘gift of the gab’ as it's commonly referred to!)
  • Those who have a strong work ethic - you need to want to get out of bed and off the couch each day!
  • Those with good people skills - do you love chatting to people but be able to listen too?
  • Those who have a positive attitude and high energy - you're responsible for your own performance
  • However, in order to join the team all you need to do is be confident, outgoing and work well with a team.
  • Full training is provided
  • We hire on personality, and the locals love talking to foreigners with accents!
  • Training begins before your for first day of work and is ongoing.
  • You are always working with a team so there’s always someone to help.

Perks of the role include :

  • Flexibility- If you want to work hard and save money for 3 months then go travelling ? No problems, let us know in advance and we will keep your job available when you return.
  • Transfer possibilities to any of our 10 UK sites. Plus Sweden, Ireland, and Norway.
  • Use of company cars.
  • Cool team incentives.
  • Free Friday night office drinks
  • Amazing office culture, working with like-minded people.
  • Hours Per Week

    • You'll be expected to work a minimum of 4-5 days working during normal business hours. 

    Rate of Pay

    • Pay is based solely on commission based on your sales. While we understand this does not suit everyone, we have received great feedback from other working holiday participants on this program who like to take charge of their earning and aim high. 
    • It's not uncommon for someone who has recently started consistently make 1000 pounds per week. So the opportunity is there for those of you who are confident in promotion and who are good with people. This way you can earn much more than in a standard 9-5 or bar job. 

    Roster flexibility

    • These positions have been designed to suit travellers on their Big O.E. and as a result you will not be expected to sign in for a set period on a contract. If you want to work hard for 2 months and then take 2-3 weeks off to go travelling that is fine. Then if you want to come back and do the same our partners will do the best to accommodate you.


    • Your first two weeks of shared flat accommodation is free - in all locations and after that at a very discounted rate as part of the job - so as long as you're working in the job - you'll get access to the discounted flats!
    • That means guaranteed accommodation before you arrive (for your, or your parents, peace of mind!) This saves you at least £300. 
    • All accommodation includes unlimited wifi.
    What’s included?
    • You'll have an arrival orientation including lunch and how to best get sorted quickly
    • UK Bank Account sorted
    • Choice of UK SIM card
    • National Insurance Number and Tax Assistance
    • Entry to the Ministry Of Sound
    • Traditional London Pub Lunch
    • 1 weeks Gym Membership
    • Weekly Invites to Pub and Club Nights
    • Entry to The Church Club
    • Monthly Themed Pub Crawl Tour
    • 12 Month Membership to Events Club
    • Added Bonus - we'll find you the best flights and insurance too
    • 2 weeks free accommodation on arrival
    • Discounted accommodation options after arrival (from 7 pounds per week, 100 pounds per week in London)
    • Roster flexibility 
    • Commission based sales (70%)
    • Full training provided
    • Transfers to other offices
    • Pre-arranged position before you leave NZ
    • Cool incentives like trips to Running of the Bulls in Pamplona each year and trips to Vegas.
    • Free paintballing days

    Travel opportunities:

    This option has been popular with working holiday participants like yourself who work the initial few months in one region, then our partners can organise a tour where they will do a UK tour and spend time working in a number of offices across the UK. 

    You have the accommodation available to you and work plus get to see a lot of the country. Not many companies or packages on the market offer this opportunity!

    Arrival and Transfers:

    You'll be either met at the airport if a staff member is available, or we will give very detailed instructions on catching the train to your accommodation or the office.


    In Canada you can choose from:

    • Vancouver
    • Toronto
    • Calgary

    In the UK you can choose from:

    • London
    • Leeds
    • Birmingham
    • Manchester
    • Belfast
    • Glasgow
    • Southampton
    • Cardiff
    • Bristol. 

    European Locations include:

    • Finland 
    • Stockholm
    • The Netherlands
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