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Volunteer in Chile

Do more than just travel! If you'd like to see and experience the real Chile but only for a few weeks, while making a difference - we've got you covered!


About Volunteering in Chile

Volunteer in Chile at a wide variety of projects: with children in childrens´ homes or kindergartens, social work in homeless shelters and nursery homes, help NGOs rescuing animals in shelters, work in a national park, or help animals and protect the environment. There’s so many to choose from!
Placements are all over Chile and accommodation is in a screened Homestay Family (half board) or shared accommodation (meals not included) for the more independent.
  • You will always have your own single room and access to the common areas of the house or apartment.
  • All accommodations are cozy and located in nice, safe areas. 
  • You will have access to public transportation, supermarkets, stores, and other facilities in the city. 
  • You can decide whether you want to live with a Chilean host family or in a shared apartment. 
  • Living with a host family allows you to become immersed in Chilean family life, while a shared apartment lets you live with other young foreigners or Chileans. 
  • Half-board can only be offered when living with a host family.

Give up your time for a good cause and show your commitment to help others by participating in a Volunteer Work project in Chile!

About Chile:

The best way to get to know the language, people, and culture of a foreign country is to become a part of their everyday life, and volunteering allows you to do just that.

As a volunteer, you will explore and appreciate Chile from a perspective that is entirely different than that of a typical tourist.

Volunteering not only benefits others, but it is also a very rewarding experience.  

In addition to knowing that you made a positive impact, having international volunteer work experience on your resume will demonstrate your generosity, adaptability, optimism, and tolerance to any future employer.

You will also rapidly acquire Spanish skills while volunteering, which makes you even more marketable. Spanish is great to learn because it is now one of the most spoken languages in the world due to Latin America’s growing economic relations with the industrial countries.

Overall, gaining volunteer experience will make you stand out from the crowd and give you a significant advantage when applying for a job.

  • Volunteer Work with Children
  • Volunteer Work with Disabled People
  • Volunteer Work with Homeless People
  • Volunteer Work in Environmental Education for Children
  • Volunteer Work in a Shelter for Street Cats
  • Volunteer Work in an Animal Shelter
  • Volunteer Work on the Easter Island
  • Volunteer Work in Wildlife Protection on Chiloé Island
  • Volunteer Work with Disabled People
  • Volunteer Work in Equine Therapy
  • Volunteer Work in a Dog Shelter
  • Volunteer Work with Stray Dogs and Cats
  • Volunteer Work in Ecotourism and Conservation
  • Volunteer Work in a Monkey Rescue Centre

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