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During your stay at NZ Horse Adventures you will learn and experience:

  • how to communicate with your horse subtly to improve your partnership
  • how to be safe around and on a horse
  • learn how to understand and read a horse
  • learn how to influence their body and feet which ultimately will connect you to their mind
  • how to ride consciously and safely, or improve the way you ride - becoming more of a partner with your horse
  • you will learn the art of working with a horse rather than against them and in the process you will learn an untold amount about yourself, as horsemanship is largely about working on yourself when you are working with the horse.
  • grooming and handling your horse
  • you'll get to make up feeds for the horses and then feed them - as well as give out hay
  • by the end of your stay with us you will have more confidence and will have improved your skills with horses too


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Horsemanship is the art of communicating with a horse through language they inherently understand, which includes body language, rhythmic and steady pressure and advance and retreat. It gets great results as it offers a release of pressure in it's teaching which a horse really understands and learns from. More traditional styles of horse training have relied on submission and force in order to ‘get’ horses to do things. The big difference with Horsemanship is the desire for the horse to be a willing partner rather than an object.

Activities you are welcome to help out with or learn about - or both

  • Feeding the herd and stock
  • collecting eggs and feeding the chickens
  • harrowing paddocks
  • picking up manure on the track (a natural grazing system) and dry lot
  • cleaning tack
  • exercising three energetic dogs
  • grooming horses
  • trimming hooves, why barefoot and how
  • weeding paddocks
  • checking water troughs
  • checking and maintaining fences
  • Body work – muscle release therapy and some handy tips to release tension from your horses body

NZ Horse Adventures - 100% Horse Option

This program includes daily morning horsemanship lessons, all meals (except two dinners), fully stocked snack fridge for the stay, all horse & equipment hire, accommodation and tuition. Afternoons are at leisure to do as you please which includes spending time with your new horse partner onsite.

NZ Horse Adventures - Combo Option

This program includes all of the above plus additional afternoon adventures which include jet boating, geothermal park, falcon show, Maori cultural dinner & show, lake cruising including seasonal fishing, zip lining , horse trek, geothermal spa, 4WD tour & Farm show.

The Horses

The horses are the most important aspect of the program. We have a small hand picked herd of horses.  Each horse brings a different personality and character to the mix.  We have six client horses, that we also play and ride with as well plus our own two personal horses.  We are not a trekking outfit, nor a riding school.  Our horse’s well being, health both physical and emotional/mental are important to us. Each horse gets specific down time to prevent burn out, boredom and sourness.  We want our horses to enjoy their work and want to be with us.  They are looked after as individual horses; each gets trimmed on a 4-6 week basis, their teeth are done annually, they are wormed regularly.  They have their own saddle and gear fitted to them individually and receive regular body work including Chiropractic that keeps them comfortable, pain free and in peak condition.

The herd of eight horses is a mixture of shapes, sizes, breeds and gender.  We have two geldings; Tonka & Danny, and six Mares; Mine, Cindy, Bracken, Gracey, Pepper and Mimi.  They range in size from 13.2hh to 17hh, and breeds include; Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, Paint, Arab cross, Thoroughbred, Kaimanawa (wild horse of New Zealand - 'Kaimanawa' means to 'eat the wind', as they come from a very hostile environment) and a good old New Zealand 'coastie' horse.

Movement is a vital component of a happy horse, both physically and mentally, so the bulk of the year they live on a track system that winds around the property and through the forest next door which we kindly have permission to graze and access.  They have access to grazing paddocks 24/7 but have the choice to move through to the forest and back again as they please.  A lot of domesticated horses don't have the freedom of choice, so this is important to us that some of the time our herd does have a choice and has the ability to display natural behaviors. 

The herd are generally kept uncovered all year round, perhaps they may get covered in particularly nasty freezing cold and wet weather, or if having trouble maintaining their weight, but other than this they are allowed to grow a winter coat and use it as nature intended.  They have plenty of natural shelter and have adlib hay or haylage 24/7 available to help warm them up.  The horses are kept as naturally as possible including natural hoof care. 

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NZ Horse Adventures - 100% Horse Option

Includes all morning horsemanship lessons, all meals, all horse & equipment hire, accommodation and tuition. Afternoons are free to do whatever including spending time with your horse onsite.

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NZ Horse Adventures - Combo Option

Includes all of the above plus all afternoon adventures which includes jet boating, geothermal, falcon show, Maori dinner & show, fishing trip, zip lining, horse trek, geothermal spa, 4WD tour & Farm show.

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