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Your Hosts at your NZ Horse Adventure Program

All courses are small groups and Tina and Daniel will be your hosts for your NZ Horse Adventures course.

Tina and Daniel are both people of the land they share a common love for animals and New Zealand with the fantastic landscape and environment it has to offer.

Tina has her own company working with horses and her talents include Equine Bowen Therapy and Body Work, Natural Hoof Trimming and Horsemanship instruction. Right throughout her life Tina has adored horses. Growing up in the inner city of Auckland was not an ideal place for a horse mad kid, and Tina eventually got her first horse at the age of 23. Generally a late comer to horses, she didn't waste any time in learning and growing her devotion to these majestic animals. A first horse soon lead to a second horse, where the journey truly began!

One day a fire breathing dragon appeared at the end of the lead rope, and her introduction to Horsemanship began. Along the way five more horses entered her life, each teaching her a different lesson, including body work, hoof care, nutrition and diet, holistic horse keeping and of course horsemanship.

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Daniel by trade is a very talented welder, specialising in stainless steel. Dan previously had his own business contracting his welding services and still dabbles in this when the call arises.  Right throughout his life Daniel has a huge connection with the land and sea having grown up on the remote Great Barrier Island (a beautiful self sufficient island off the coast of Auckland) and a huge draw towards his family ancestary land, Maungapohautu, deep in the Urerewa National Forest.

Of both German and Maori decent, Daniel as an adult has spent time reconnecting and learning about his Maori roots and culture. Daniel is also an avid fisherman, hunter and outdoorsman. A keen deer and pig hunter, nothing beats a day on the lake or sea and in some beautiful native New Zealand bush. Daniel is an experienced and keen under water diver; he is also a avid motorbike fan, both dirt bike and road bike. Upon meeting Tina, Daniel has taken up horse riding and enjoys his time in the saddle exploring with his equine mate taking the dogs along for a run. Daniel has two daughters aged 12 years and 16 years who spend time on the farm on weekends and school holidays.

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Tina and Daniel's home is located on Paradise Valley Road in Rotorua. The road itself is a loop road that circles the back of the Maunga or Mountain - Mount Ngongotaha. This piece of paradise is 20 acres in total with half in pine tree forestry, the rest in grazable land and farm house and buildings. The land has been in Tina's family for almost 20 years and they are very blessed to be living there and be caretakers of the land.

The property is very peaceful and tucked away on the side of the mountain protected from the bone chilling winter southerly winds. The front boundary has a crystal clear creek that is fed by a natural spring next door and habours trout leaving the hatchery to their more adventurous life further afield. They have a number of animals aside from the horse herd that are part of the family including two cows, two cats - Boss and Girl, three dogs - Spock, Shadow and Blaze, 20 odd free range chickens and how could we forget the very noisy adopted ducks!

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