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What times of the year does the course run?

Because of the temperate climate in NZ, the programme runs all year round. In winter it can be cooler and there will be more rain. The farm operates all year round, so apart from Christmas week - the choice is yours. There are certain dates the course runs each month - please check with your booking agent for availability. We operate all year round on a Monday-Monday cycle except during NZ School Holidays. Spaces are strictly limited to six, so please get in quick to avoid dissapointment.

We have a 8 day course. We found that after 5 days no one was ready to leave so now we have a longer course. 

What is tack?

The term tack is used to refer to all of the equipment worn by a horse who is used for riding. Numerous things can be considered tack, including saddles, bridles, and all their parts, along with breastplates, martingales, halters, driving harness, and other equestrian equipment. Learning how to care for tack is an important part of learning how to ride.

The two primary pieces of tack are a saddle and bridle. Although non-equestrians think of these objects as being relatively generic, saddles and bridles are actually customized to the horse and application. In addition to the primary division between English and Western tack, saddles can be found intended for use on the trail, in the show ring, on endurance rides, for jumping, and in numerous other equestrian disciplines. Bridles are also customized for the discipline the horse is trained in, and include interchangeable bits and reins.

Numerous pieces of tack are designed to attach to the saddle, including girths used to keep the saddle on, stirrups for the riders feet, etc. This tack is made in a variety of materials and finishes to coordinate with saddles of all styles.

Is the programme for males and females

Yes, the programme is open to both males and females - please note though that the accommodation is shared (dorm style).
Both males and females are most welcome. 

How long is the course for?

The course is for 8 days and 9 nights starting from Monday morning (you arrive the night before).

Is the course equally appropriate for a beginner and an experienced rider?

Yes, all are catered for from those who have never been on a horse to those who are experienced. You will find the course has something for all levels. The horses are matched to the rider according to your experience and confidence levels.

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