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Photo Competition Entries 2017

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Lauren Jarman mandalaurin.jpg

Lauren Jarman: mandalaurin Category: Friends Abroad Description: Hiking up mountains in California for the perfect spot to watch the sunset on fourth of July Program: Camp America

Alex Menzies @alexxm.jpg

Alex Menzies: @alexxm Category: A Day in the Life Description: Daily swimming lessons at Union League Boys and Girls Club Camp in Wisconsin, Summer 2014 Program: Camp America

Jessica Hodges Canada.jpg

Jessica Hodges: @jess_nz Category: A Day in the Life Description: Exploring the surrounding areas of Banff to make sure you had the local knowledge for guests. Emerald Lake 1 hour drive from Banff Program: Canada Ski

Courtney Belgrave 2.jpg

Courtney Belgrave @Courtzbelgrave: Category: Friends Abroad Description: A local school came to visit the wildlife park and they were all fighting over who would hold out hands! We had about 3 children holding each hand Program: Africa Wildlife Volunteer Projects

Jessica Hodges 2.jpg

Jessica Hodges: @jess_nz Category: Creativity Description: View from the office - This is the view I got to see every morning working at a hotel in Banff Canada. Program: Canada Ski

Courtney Belgrave A Day in the Life.jpg

Courtney Belgrave @Courtzbelgrave: Category: A Day in the Life. Description: Preparing the cubs dinner - fresh chicken! Program: Africa Wildlife Volunteer Projects

Courtney Belgrave Creativity.jpg

Courtney Belgrave @CourtzbelgraveCategory: Creativity Description: In South Africa the faster we got the work done the faster we got to free time with the animals. I clearly wanted more cub cuddles in double time today! Program: Africa Wildlife Volunteer Projects

Josie Weston.jpg

Josie Weston @josieweston5; Category: Friends Abroad Description: Horse back riding staff at Camp Lindenmere all dressed up representing our home countries on 4th of July. Program Camp America

Liana Animals.jpg

Liana Smith @lianasmith1: Category: Animals. Description: On the hunt, Welgevonden 2015. Program: Welgevonden


Liana Friends Abroad.jpg

Liana Smith @lianasmith1: Category: Friends Abroad. Description: Making friends from around the globe at Welgevonden!. Program: Welgevonden

Liana capture.jpg

Liana Smith @lianasmith1: Category: Animals. Description: Cheetah lovin'. Program: Welgevonden


A Day in the Life Rhino.jpg

Liana Smith @lianasmith1: Category: Day In The Life. Description: Being involved in the darting, DNA testing, ear notching and horn tagging (to protect against the illegal trade of rhino horn) at Welgevonden, 2015. Program: Welgevonden.



Liana Smith @lianasmith1: Category: Day In The Life. Description: The amazing scenes Africa provides whilst on the job. Program: Welgevonden.

Ailish McAllister Friends Abroad IWH.png

Ailish McAllister @Ey3lid: Category: Friends Abroad. Description: My new camp family are the best. After only a week together we have become a close knit family. Program: Camp America

Hamish Campbell Animals.jpg

Hamish Campbell @iholyviking: Category: Animals. Description: One very curious baby fox that came with 3 metres of me, one evening while taking a few photos. He was the most adventurous of the litter of about 6, all of which I have photos of. Program: Camp America

Holly Seath Friends Abroad.png

Holly Seath @xxhollayxx: Category: Friends Abroad. Description: The amazing 2017 swim staff from Camp Pinecliffe looking set and ready to go in our uniform black swim suits for parents weekend!! Not just a group of coworkers but a family from all around the world!!. Program: Camp America

Anastasia Marnoch 2.jpg

Anastasia Marnoch @stasiablossom -Category: Friends Abroad. Description; 4th of July lanakila bridge bonfire celebrations. Program: Camp America


Mitch Martin mitchymarty.jpg

Mitch Martin @mitchymarty: Category:  A Day in the Life. Description; It's a tough life but someone's gotta do it.. 
Program: Camp America


Bailey Mullin thebeymull.jpg

Bailey Mullin @thebeymull: Category:  A Day in the Life. Description; This photo was taken on the 4th of July. Camp Branwood celebrating Americas Independence Day. The girl on my back, who I class as one of my new closest friends, Catherine Sadler, is from England. She's another International Staff who I've met during this amazing journey.
Program: Camp America

Jess Adamson.jpg

Jess Adamson @adamsonjess: Category: Friends Abroad. Description; Staff at Independent Lake Camp having a whale of a time on the waterfront! Program: Camp America


Cody MacDonald.png

Cody MacDonald: Codymac13x: Category: Friends Abroad. Description; 4th of July celebrations in the USA Program: Camp America


Kendall Smith.jpg

Kendall Smith: Kendallsmith222: Category: Friends Abroad. Description; Summer Camp Fun!!
Program: Camp America


Holly Bates.jpg

Holly Bates: Hollykarabates: Category: Friends Abroad. Description; Kayaking on Crystal lake would become one of my favourite memories and activities to do. Waking up to this lake was amazing everyday ! - also managed to form life bonds with these awesome 7 from all across the world :) Program: Camp America


Jacob Spence.jpg

Jacob Spence: jacob.spence: Category: Friends Abroad. Description; Driving a 2016 Nautique motor boat for Camp Takajo in Naples Maine on Long Lake Program: Camp America


Jane Hannam.jpg

Jane Hannam: Haumoana: Category: A Day in the Life. Description; At Shady Oaks Camp during the afternoon in our sensory room Nicky asked for me to read to him one of his favourite books! After a fun morning painting (not just me) it was a nice time relaxing. Program: Camp America


bethany roughton .jpg

Bethany Roughton: ravenwhite04: Category: A Day in the Life. Description; after a hard day of working we would head out to the lake for a swim and watch the sunset. Program: Camp America


Bobbie Tasker.jpg

Bobbie Tasker: bobbie_tasker: Category: Friends Abroad. Description; Was lucky enough to spend my birthday at camp this year! And being away was a little tough so my international gal pals were there to bring some kiwi spirit to my day! Program: Camp America



Connor Fridd: Connorfridd: Category: More than just Travel. Description; What do a kiwi an Aussie and an Englishman do when they go to America!!! They embrace the American culture and holidays!!! Camp Hungtington staff embracing the Fourth of July Program: Camp America



Rachael Hopcraft: rachael_hopcraft: Category: Friends Abroad. Description; Superhero night! Zealand and Brit girl take High Peak Camp. Program: Camp America


Kendall Grima @xxkgrimaxx: Category: More Than Just Travel Description: Always meet with a smile, for a smile is the beginning of love #africa #feelingthelove #humbled. Program: Africa Wildlife Volunteer Projects


Tyler Hemi Baboons.jpg

Tyler Hemi @tyler.hemi: Category: Animals Description: Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary Autumn 2017 Bonding with the baby baboons is something i'll never forget. Program: Africa Wildlife Volunteer Projects


Tyler Hemi Namibia.jpg

Tyler Hemi @tyler.hemi: Category: Animals Description: Namibia Kanaan Deert Retreat: Three friends heading home after searching signs of spotted hyena. Program: Africa Wildlife Volunteer Projects

anna duncan 1.jpg

Anna Duncan: @annaelizabethduncan92: Category: Friends Abroad. Description; New friends made at Camp Farley in Mashpee, Massachusetts. We all tie dyed t-shirts together and had a day at camp where we and some of the campers all wore tie dye!Program: Camp America



Anna Duncan: @annaelizabethduncan92: Category: A Day In The Life. Description; Whilst working at Camp Farley this summer we participated in evening programmes with the campers. This is during the game get to know your counsellor, where campers have to answer questions about you and if they get the answer wrong you get wet. I am the person getting wet!Program: Camp America



Miriam Hazeleger: @miriam_hazeleger: Category: Friends Abroad. Description; This was taken at Kaaterskill falls in the Catskill mountain range on my last day off from Camp Huntington. My friends and I decided to take a picnic and hike down to the falls to celebrate our last day off together.Program: Camp America
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