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The Sanctuary will own a piece of our hearts forever! Not an ordinary holiday, but definitely a memorable one - We loved it!! Johann and Irma, January 2016 



Where else could your day start by waking up cuddling a baby baboon in a nappy, continue with watching cheetahs race round chasing a rag on the cheetah run, walking with 29 baboons and having playtime with the little rascals, and finish with taking a baby porcupine and 2 baby warthogs to your tent to care for them for the night? Maybe with a bit of food preparation or thorn boma-building thrown in. And a cold beer by the pool in the evening. This is reality! This is a very special place with special staff and amazing animals. Despite it being my fourth trip there were still new things to do and learn (cheetah foot printing, darting a cheetah, meeting a baby porcupine amongst other things. This a place and project that genuinely works for conservation and cares deeply about the animals in its care. I can't recommend it highly enough. What are you waiting for? Jo, January 2016 



Thank you so much for the brilliantly organized Wildlife Rehabilitation Course! It really gave me so much insight into what really goes into wildlife rehabilitation and I am sure it will come in useful for furthering my career. I will definitely recommend it to other people interested in pursuing wildlife rehabilitation. Tara, February 2016


I am very thankful for the amazing time I spent here and for all the great experience I gained during my stay here. I was surrounded by great people and made very close friends all over the world. I want to come back to this amazing place and work again with all the wild animals. It is still unbelievable for me that we were able to interact so intense with cheetahs, baboons and many more impressing and stunning animals. I will definitely miss my time here and recommend the Sanctuary to everybody who is open-minded and has a heart for animals and/or kids. Take the chance and do not miss this great experience, I could not imagine any better place for volunteer work. Clara, Austria, February 2016



This has definitely been one of the best things I have ever done. The atmosphere, the love for wildlife and the great people is something I'm going to miss for life!
Mette, February 2016

Overall amazing place and project. Staff and volunteers helped make the process and time of traveling alone a lot easier and less stressful. Definitely a place to add to any gap year! Niall, February 2016


This trip has been the time of my life. You will not only see a lot of animals and beautiful landscape, you will see what it takes to run a farm and actually take care of the animals that's in need. It’s the best feeling in the world, to go out in the wild and release an animal, that survived because of you and your doing - will never forget that feeling. Amanda, February 2016

Every day is a new adventure, you never know what might happen the next day. You learn a lot about wildlife, nature and yourself. And most of all you are having a lot of fun! Friederike, February 2016



This month was definitely an experience for a lifetime. I mean I'm not sure if i will ever get to track hyenas again, or taking cheetah footprints or sleep with a baboon overnight. I will definitely always remember this month of my life and hopefully i can come back. You get closer to the wild, understand what conservation truly is about. Leonna, March 2016


The program is very good and a wonderful opportunity and experience. It is a good way to get involved in conservation and to learn more about what is involved in conservation in a fantastic and beautiful country which has so much that deserves to be protected. Megan, March 2016


There is something truly magical about this place. From the staff to the animals there is genuinely no place on earth like it and I truly cannot wait to come back!! Kelly, March 2016 


Volunteering here has been my most dirty, beautiful, sweaty, exciting and rewarding adventure to date. The time spent with and caring for animals was simply wonderful and I wouldn't trade my time here for anything. If you haven't experienced cheetah purrs or baboon cuddles yet, you need to book your trip right away. It was hard work, but every single moment was worth it and I can't wait to come back soon! Desiree, March 2016

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Meeting the animals here and the excellent staff who are knowledgeable and passionate about these animals has been an amazing experience. It will be a memory that I always treasure. You can tell that many people feel that way by the number of volunteers that return! Alicia, March 2016

Thank you guys for a fantastic month! Back home I thought 4 weeks would be sufficient, but time just fly by too quickly, I could definitely have stayed for more weeks. The atmosphere and people at the project are so down to earth and filled with jokes, laughter but also seriousness. I've learned a lot about conservation, the animals and problems that conservation and animals are facing. The coordinators teach you a lot during daily activities and more specified activities like anaesthetising animals which the vet teaches you about. It has been a very interesting, informative and in general fun and amazing experience. I will definitely recommend this project to everybody interested in animals, conservation, and having an amazing time doing so. I'm sure this is not the last time I set foot in Namibia. All the best. Line, May 2016


I enjoyed my time at the project very much, and very glad I chose to stay longer than the 2 weeks I originally considered. The time of year was perfect for me - like an English summer but without the rain. I was busy every day doing something useful, and tired enough to fall into bed by 8pm, which was normal anyway for most of us. If you're thinking of coming, then do so if you're prepared to muck in and be grubby most of the time. If you don't like hard work or animals, go lie on a beach. Maria Jennings, June 2016

Do it, get on the plane and get over here! If you like waking up with the sun, getting stuck into some jobs in the great outdoors, taking the time to sit and absorb this unique environment and hitting the pillow totally satisfied and amazed at what you have experienced, then go for it. N/a’an ku se is a special place with passionate people, has a big heart in the right place and it is a unique privilege to be a part of it. Elizabeth Pagan (Libby), June 2016



At first I was very hesitant and frankly quite nervous but after just a few hours there I felt like I was at home and that immediate feeling of comfort is what made me love my time there. Murray Anderson, June 2016

Spending time at the Wildlife Sanctuary is really worthwhile, you help animals that might otherwise have died, you help contribute to the ongoing research about these animals and other species and you learn about the human-wildlife conflict taking place in Namibia, and indeed, throughout the world. Thank you very much for having us.  James Batho, June 2016


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