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Save The Lions Project

Do you adore Lions? Would you like to protect this species for the future? In this incredible rewarding volunteer project, you will be based just outside of Johannesburg looking after Lions.


At a glance:

Volunteering: with Lions in South Africa

Accommodation: 2-6 bed chalet

Meals: x3 varied and delicious meals a day 

Dates: 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month

Minimum & Maximum stay: 4 weeks


What will I look after? 

The mission of the volunteer project is to preserve the lions for generations to come. 

In South Africa, sadly the majority of lions in Kruger National Park have Tuberculosis (TB) due to eating TB carrying buffalo (97% of Buffalo in Kruger have TB). All lions at this breeding project are free of TB. The project owners are involved in world renowned research including;

  • The Tiger Genome and comparative analysis with lion and snow leopard genomes. 
  • Research collaboration with the University of Western Cape and Pretoria University
  • Department of Zoology & Entomology Pretoria University researching the effect of Bovine TB on the reproduction of lions with TB compared to those without. 
  • Working in conjunction with Berlin and Hamburg Universities in Germany as well as Utrecht University in the Netherlands. 
  • Research projects have been undertaken that include research into LIV ( Lion Immunodeficiency Virus ), Tuberculosis, Fertility, Cryopreservation and most importantly the Genetics of White Lions.
  • They have also hosted National Geographic on several occasions in their filming of research documentaries. 
  • Blood tests have revealed that the lions are free of all major lion and feline viruses. The lions have also been used in the creation of a normal lion blood profile.
  • Establishing Assisted Reproduction Technologies as a Conservation Tool for Wild Cats
  • This Project is a fully functioning game farm that has over the years specialised in Lion breeding and research.


About the Save the Lion Project:

Do you have a passion for helping protect the species for the future? 

These totally amazing Save the Lion Project is nice and close to where you'll have your orientation, situated approximately 1.5 hours drive from Johannesburg. 

The game farm comprises of 260 hectares of unspoilt bushveld and boasts a variety of antelope species, giraffe and zebra. The breeding project is also home to more than 130 different bird species. Known as the “place of quiet” the lodge is nestled in lush bushveld where the roar of the lion can be heard for miles around. 

Imagine waking up every morning to lions roaring!

What will I be doing at The Lions Volunteer Project?

The Save the Lions Volunteer Project is a very hands-on program. From day one, you will be expected to help with the day-to-day care of the lions and in particular the cubs.

What tasks and activities are involved?

  • Caring for the lion cubs
  • Making bottles and feeding cubs every 3 hours
  • Entertaining the older cubs when they are not sleeping (lions love to sleep)
  • Cutting up meat and feeding adult lions
  • Assisting with educational activities
  • Monitoring of the sick or injured lions and cubs
  • Help with the maintenance of lion enclosures and upkeep of facilities
  • Participate in the daily running of the farm
  • Observe veterinary procedures where possible
  • You will also assist with educational activities

The farm is divided into 3 segmented scheduled areas where you get the opportunity to work on cub duty, ranger duty and kitchen duty. 

Each day’s tasks will differ as you would need to assist where help is needed at the time.

The farm has also introduced cheetahs on the property and you will also get the chance to work with these animals as well. They also have caracal, hyena, tigers and wild dog!


  • Accommodation on the farm is in either a 2 or 6 bed en-suite chalet that is fully furnished and fully equipped.
  • The chalets are very comfortable and all you need to bring is your clothing & personal items


  • All meals are included and prepared on site and usually the staff will join you for meals


  • There is a pool for the volunteers to use as well as a deck for sunbathing, as well as optional activities off site for volunteers.
  • The project also offers a full laundry service and a snack shop on the farm. 

   Weekend Activities:

  • Many volunteers also choose to add on the Kruger Tour to this project which happens over one of your weekends at the project.


  • The farm is located in a beautiful part of South Africa. They have a number of different animals who roam around on the farm and many other fun activities like game drives and quad biking trips that participants can take part in.
  • The farm also serves as an environmental education centre. Thousands of school children visit the farm throughout the year to gain firsthand experience in the conservation and preservation of wildlife. They sometimes even stay over and have LionCamp! 
  • The business is owned and run by a South African family who speak both German and Dutch. They are very involved in the management and operations of the project and also live on the property. They are passionate about the animals they care for and once you meet them you'll feel their passion for the lions especially!
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Canned Hunting

Canned Hunting is a despicable "sport" where unscrupulous reserve owners sell trophy hunters the opportunity to "hunt" and kill animals (usually lions) in an enclosed area. International Working Holidays opposes the practise, and the projects we send volunteers to are in no way involved in this industry. We have been made aware of some internet-based groups who would suggest otherwise, but they are mis-informed and utterly wrong. Please also read our Animal Protection Statement for full details. 

We are available to answer any questions or concerns at any stage.



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