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Namibia Wildlife Rescue Rehab & Release Conservation Sanctuary Volunteer Project

Spend 2 weeks to 3 months at this amazing sanctuary in Namibia owned by a very passionate couple who believe that where possible animals they rescue should be released back into the wild.


As a valued volunteer, you'll be involved in every aspect of the sanctuary.  


The sanctuary has orphaned or injured animals which are treated, rehabilitated and if possible released. The Wildlife Conservation volunteers provide an important part in caring for and feeding the animals on a daily basis, as well as helping to maintain and develop the sanctuary.



As a wildlife volunteer you should be ready to be actively involved in the day-to-day activities which support the foundation. The goal is to release animals when ever possible so that they may be free to live a natural life in the wild. However, sometimes an animal comes to the sanctuary that cannot be released for various reasons such as habituation to humans which would put the animal at risk if released or an extensive injury. The aim is to provide a lifelong sanctuary for these animals.


Because they release and /or relocate when ever possible, the animals at the sanctuary will vary at any given time but may include carnivores such as wild dogs, lions, leopard, cheetah and caracal; primates such as baboons and vervet monkeys; birds such as peacocks and vultures; antelope such as oryx (gemsbok), springbok, duiker and kudu; small mammals such as meerkats, rock dassies, polecats, genets and warthogs as well as a host of other species and farm animals.


The accomodation makes you feel like you're in an Out Of Africa film set - and if you take a friend with you, you'll be able to share a platform tent!

Sanctuary Tent-Namibia-Volunteer-Wildlife-Sanctuary-IWH.jpg


Various accommodation upgrades are also available. 

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