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Kanaan Namib Desert and Wildlife Sanctuary

Combine both these amazing projects and you'll get the best of both.

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Approximately 2-3 hours further southwest of Neuras and bordering the Namib Naukluft Park lies the Wildlife Sanctuary’s research project site, Kanaan Desert Project.

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Red sand dunes, vast open grass plains and imposing mountain ranges make up the serene surroundings of Kanaan. Home to cheetah, brown hyena, spotted hyena, leopard and an array of other desert-adapted wildlife, Kanaan encompasses 352 km2 of desert scenery in which volunteers will perform vital research.

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Wildlife Conservation volunteers at Kanaan may be involved with mapping the terrain, assisting with capture and releases, tracking, game counts, camera traps, maintenance and security on the reserve as well as night drives and sleep-outs. 

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During free-time, volunteers may choose to enjoy sundowners in the beautiful Namib desert while taking in the breath-taking scenery of Kanaan.

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And of course take some stunning photos!

We recommend 2 weeks here with 1-2 weeks at the Wildlife Sanctuary. We arrange all the transfers and work out the dates according to your schedule and the orientation dates in Namibia. 

The accommodation is amazing as you can see! 

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The guest house has electricity, but you will need to bring your own South African socket adapters to charge electric appliances. However, there’s no cell phone reception in the area. The project can accommodate groups of up to 6 participants at any one time, which means you are therefore guaranteed an intimate small group experience with lots of hands on opportunities. Most meals will be provided at the house. Beverages, alcoholic drinks and snacks need to be purchased before arriving at Kanaan. The house provides a homely family atmosphere in the Namib Desert.

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Volunteers on Kanaan will receive 3 balanced meals per day. Meals include a standard breakfast with cereals and toast. Coffee and tea are available. Lunches will be provided at the guest farm
or in packed form for groups active in the field. Dinners typically are warm meals with meat (chicken,red meat or fish), different vegetables and pasta, rice, potato or salad. Once a week, dinner will be in the form of a traditional Namibian braai (BBQ).

Please note that due to the remote location of Kanaan, some fresh produce may only be available seasonally. Vegetarian options can be catered for upon request. Please inform us of any special dietary requirements prior to your arrival at the project site.

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About the project


Previously utilised as a film, photography and holiday destination the aim was to establish an unfenced wildlife reserve which provided refuge for a range of endangered species and based on scientific and sustainable management practices. 

Kanaan is part of the Namib Sand Sea and holds ample photographic opportunities including Namibia’s iconic red sand dunes, vast open grass plains dotted with camel thorn trees as well as abundant antelope, towering mountain ranges and many other scenic features. 

Kanaan welcomes guests who want to be actively involved in almost any of the duties which sound management requires, and those that want to experience the desert first-hand.

During your visit, you will help the local team record wildlife information that contributes to the long-term management of the area. The main flagship species are cheetah, brown hyaena, spotted hyaena, leopard and a range of desert-adapted wildlife species. 



Kanaan (and part of neighbouring farm Vergenoeg) provides 352km2 of stunning desert scenery. The farm features all the iconic vistas that Namibia is world-famous for and hence has been used for professional film and photo shoots including Angelina Jolie who is a friend of the Sanctuary owners. 


Throw in some of the country’s most spectacular wildlife and you’ve got the perfect combination for photographic and research adventures. Kanaan’s environment entails a spectacular mix of red sand dunes, imposing mountain ranges,vast grass plains and old camel thorn trees. 

In addition, Kanaan directly borders the Namib Naukluft Park and therefore provides an important link for landscape scale wildlife conservation. 

Activities Include

  • Game Counts
  • Camera Trapping
  • Cheetah Feed
  • Maintenance and Security
  • Mapping
  • Radio Telemetry Tracking
  • Capture Mark Release

Other Activities

One of the must-do activities in the Namib Desert is the sun-downer drive. Enjoy the tranquillity and breath-taking scenery of the Namib when the sun sets and paints the desert in unimaginable colours. We will also be conducting night drives or sleep- outs as part of our security protocol, but also to observe some of the nocturnal desert wildlife. 

Naankuse Cheetah Kanaan Desert Retreat-Naankuse-Volunteer-Wildlife-Sanctuary-IWH.jpg

Similarly, volunteers may be involved in waterhole observations because wildlife in the Namib are forced to drink regularly and therefore can be seen at permanent water sources. On your rest day, make sure you sit back and let your mind wander away from the buzz of civilisation – Kanaan is the ideal place for relaxation. The Namib night sky with its ever-prominent Milky Way is another highlight not to be missed.


  • Arrival at the Sanctuary Days: Tuesday or Thursday
  • Transfer and from to Kanaan on a Saturday

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