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We have a bit of a saying here - "if we don't have support on the ground in the country - we don't send anyone there". - Vicki Kenny - Founder of International Working Holidays. 

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That's me with the giraffes!

Back when I started this company I wanted to make sure all the travel hungry people I sent overseas would be looked after. It's been a rule ever since. So every project option we offer has 24/7 support, locally, for every volunteer. We don't have upper age limits on our programs but these ones are the ones most suited to 40+ travellers. 

We also make sure there are no hidden extras!

So all the projects include the following:

  • All meals and accommodation
  • Airport pick up and drop off 
  • Support before you leave NZ
  • Visa assistance and paperwork needed
  • Transfer to and from the projects
  • Planning (especially if you're doing more than one trip)
  • We help you book your flights and insurance so all you do is sit back and relax - let us do all the hard stuff


Payments made easy

  • A deposit is needed to secure your place then you pay a 2nd deposit 30 days after confirmation - and the balance is then payable 3 months before you fly. 
  • All you need to do then is pay for flights and insurance (which we help you with) and once you step on the plane you don't need to worry about more spending money (a bit for souvenirs etc - but everything is cheap in Africa).

We treat every client as an individual - and we know everyone by name.


Here's what David and Janet said about us 



The following projects have been hand selected for those aged 40+

Africa 40+ Volunteer Projects Africa5.png

Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary

This project rescues and rehabilitates orphaned and injured wildlife - with the hope of releasing them back into the wild. Those who have had to be human raised like the orphan baboons, have a home at the sanctuary free from danger, for life. 

There are two accommodation camps and for those of us that prefer some peace and quiet we book the camp that's further away from the main group of volunteers. There is also the luxury option where you'll stay at the Lodge at the Sanctuary - just ask us for availability (it does fill quickly).


Not only do you get to make a difference with the everyday running of the Sanctuary bit you'll get some amazing photo opportunities (it's not all work). 

Africa 40+ Volunteer Projects Africa6.png

Animals at the sanctuary include Leopards, Lions, Wild Dogs, Cheetah, Caracal, warthogs, antelope and baboons as well as a host of birds, smaller African mammals and farmyard animals.

Dates: Project starts 3rd Tuesday of each month

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Kanaan Desert Retreat and Wildlife Sanctuary

You have to see the Namib desert if you're going to Namibia. It's available as an add on or as a project on it's own. But it's based from the Sanctuary so it makes sense to do a couple of nights each side of your Kanaan stay - at the Wildlife Sanctuary. Those famous red sand dunes - really are a must see if you're in Namibia. 

Kanaan - Red dunes-Naankuse-Volunteer-Wildlife-Sanctuary-IWH.jpg

The accommodation at Kanaan is a very cool house with outdoor braai (BBQ) area, and so numbers are smaller and therefore not as busy as the main sanctuary.

Kanaan House - Lappa-Naankuse-Volunteer-Wildlife-Sanctuary-IWH.jpg

Dates: Project starts 3rd Tuesday of each month

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The Medical Clinic Namibia

Is another popular option combining a short stay at the Sanctuary at the beginning and end.

You will provide hands on support at the clinic, participating in observations, running reception and helping in the dispensary. You will deal closely with patients from the local San community, learn more about their way of life and give care to patients living in extreme poverty at the clinic’s remote location. If you are very experienced you could perhaps take on a project of your own.

The project at the clinic runs on a 12 night schedule with transfers to the clinic departing every second Sunday and arriving back on the farm on the Friday of the following week. Depending on the day you arrive, you may also have the opportunity to work with the animals if you choose to combine your time with our Wildlife Volunteer program.

Africa 40+ Volunteer Projects Africa7.png

Dates: Project starts 3rd Tuesday of each month 

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Big 5 South Africa Research and Conservation

Africa 40+ Volunteer Projects Africa4.png

This project is based in South Africa and starts with an arrival on a Tuesday, then orientation and Pretoria/Soweto tour, then you'll be transferred to the project on the Friday. The project is a safe haven for many different wildlife but most importantly to rhino who live within the 37,000 hectare security fences. 

That's me seeing rhinos up close for the first time - they are so gentle and peaceful and they eat grass! I fell in love with rhinos visiting this project. 

There is a 24/7 007 type security team protecting the reserve from poachers. They are so successful in their Rhino protection that neighbouring reserves have relocated their rhinos here to keep them safe. That makes for the biggest number of rhinos living as they would in the wild, in one place in South Africa. That also makes for a lot of cute rhino babies!

The beauty of this project is that you'll be helping with the day to day running of the reserve, while learning alot from the qualified rangers on your game drives (every day is a game drive just getting around the huge reserve), about the elephants and giraffes you see along the way - plus the huge population of bird species. 

You'll also get to witness any game capture and vet visits. Unlike Kruger Park the management do intervene if an animal is injured. 

It's a beautiful peaceful place to be - and you'll learn more about African wildlife than you ever would on a "tour". 

But I warn you - you'll come away and leave a piece of your heart with the rhinos.


Dates: Project starts 3rd Tuesday of each month

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