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Meet the team at international Working Holidays

Vicki Kenny (Managing Director and Owner) 


Vicki and Giraffes GoKruger.jpg I started this business to help others do their Big OE and we later branched into volunteering (mainly with animals). South Africa is my passion (second to helping Kiwis do an O.E!) and I just love giraffes as you can see above! I came home after being in South Africa in 2014 with a mission to help the rhinos which are bring poached daily over there. I love all animals actually - in my spare time I'm usually riding one of my horses, talking to my persian cat or feeding my chickens!.  


Shelby Cooper

OE Advisor

Shelby elephant hug.jpg 

I started with International Working Holidays in 2015, I think it's fair to say that I have the BEST job in the whole world. I love being there to help you figure out adventure to do & being there for the entire way! I thought I would just do Camp America once… but got hooked on doing more adventures after camp each time (if you’re already half way there - you might as well keep going!). I've travelled through the UK, Europe, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, Colombia, South Africa (Africa Volunteer Adventures), China & Thailand (Asia Volunteer Adventures). At home in NZ I love to surf, hang with Steve & Wilson (my horses), Tobi the 3 toed cat (found in a box in a park) & my golden retriever puppy, Barnaby.



Shea Kelland

Applications Manager


Shea Camp America.png I’m the Applications Manager at IWH and have THE best job as I help you organise your working holiday! I did my OE in the UK and Europe a few years ago it so its pretty cool that I get to assist you with your applications for Camp America, the UK, Africa, Canada etc. I still love travelling although my little family keeps me busy; so when i’m not helping you I’m busy doing what I do best - organising swimming, surfing, rugby, basketball and the gym!

Claire Whitaker

Claire International Working Holidays.jpg I enjoy working for IWH for many reasons, mainly because of all the awesome people you meet and helping them head off on awesome overseas adventures. I love helping people from the first enquiry through to what to pack! I have been interviewing since 2009 and working in the office since about 2011 and have helped literally thousands of people go to camp or one of our other programs.  


Hayleigh Scott 


Hayleigh Scott.jpg 

I love being an interviewer because it keeps the spirit of camp alive in my life, seeing the excitement of all the applicants brings back all the amazing feelings and memories of my camp experiences.


Emma McVey


Emma This job is the best, because I get to re-live my own memories of the process through all the great people I interview! Getting to know applicants and talking about camp with them is so much fun. It's exciting to see people getting placed and pumped to have an epic time in the US. I had the best time at camp and love helping others on their way to the same kind of experience!  For two summers, I worked as a lifeguard at a non-profit camp for underprivileged kids in New York.

Chloe McLellan


Chloe I love being a CA interviewer because it allows me to be part of the awesome team that helped me over to America and experience the two incredible summers I had. I love helping applicants to have great applications and answering all of their questions. Receiving a message from an applicant telling me they've just been placed is the most rewarding part of all!

Rebecca Robins


Rebecca Camp America.jpg I love being a Camp America Interviewer! Camp is such a magical place and I'm getting to spread that magic by helping others to get there. Last year was my first summer at camp and I'm heading back this year, fair to say I fell in love with it. Working as part of the Camp America team allows me to re-live my memories and support others in creating their own memories.

Wendy Cooper

Au Pair in America Interviewer & Camp America Reference Verification

wendy Cooper.jpg I think IWH is an amazing company – I only wish it had been around when I finished school and went to Uni, so I could have taken advantage of it! We live on our lifestyle block in Coatesville, surrounded by horses, goats, sheep, cats, dogs, goldfish and a turtle! We ride regularly in the forest which is adjacent to our property. I deal with horse-racing trainers in my real job where the average age is 59 and counting. When Vicki asked me if I would consider interviewing au-pairs, I thought that dealing with travel hungry young people would be quite a contrast! It also means I get to help these kiwis get to enjoy a fantastic experience.

Rhona Phillips


Rhona International Working Holidays.jpg I really enjoy interviewing with Camp America as it gives me the opportunity to meet a huge variety of awesome people and help them with the start of what will be an amazing experience for them. It's also a great opportunity to rave about camp! 

Kate Bensemann



Kate B IWH.JPG  "I could talk about camp all day every day! After four years working as a counsellor at NJY Camps I now get the opportunity to help others the same way Camp America did for me. I love being an Interviewer because I get to share my experience with others that are wanting to begin their journey. Seeing applicants get excited about camp and their travels is such a rewarding experience." Kate

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South Africa

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Angelina and Brad Pitt with Shiloh in Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary

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