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We here at International Working Holidays have your time off in the UK all sorted and to do that we have teamed up with Stoke Travel to bring you the best festival deals and party tours. Say no more!

Our friends at Stoke are are all about partying, travelling, surfing, and backpacking. They organise camps at all the best festivals in Europe, such as Running of the Bulls, Oktoberfest, La Tomatina, San Vino wine fight, and Sziget music festival, and tonnes more. 

The major surf camps run in Morocco and San Sebastian. There are several day and weekend trips from Barcelona such as Barcelona Boat Parties, Andorra Snow Weekends, and Ibiza Weekenders. Not bad, hey?!

What's more - our Promo Code; IWH gets you free stuff like merchandise and unlimited free beer and sangria on trips.


Take a look at the destinations below ... 

Oktoberfest (Sept/Oct)


Oktoberfest - you have to do this while in the UK!

No camaraderie is as strong and breaks as many barriers as that of beer, destroying whatever divides an old drunken German man from singing with a proud androgynous teenaged adult. Welcome to the rainbow of the human condition, amplified by ridiculous rides, slurring, good mateship and, I really just can't emphasise this enough, singing on tables with beers while thousands watch you in good spirits. 

Where: Munich, Bavaria, Germany
When: September 18th - October 5th (You can arrive on the 17th if you like and leave on the 6th if you wish) 


: Starting at 60€ a day



Book (use Promo Code IWH for unlimited Beer and Sangria)

la Tomatina.png

La Tomatina - The world famous Tomato Fight.

Throw hundreds of thousands of tomatoes at tens of thousands of people.

Our plethora of options has you tripping from Barcelona on an unbelievable bus ride, or meeting us there where your tent will be set up and ready to handle you and your chosen partner in crime.
We're the only ones who will also arm you before battle, with bloody Mary's and piles of cooked spaghetti in your hand so you can put all that tomato slush to good use. And, of course, we provide you with a delicious bottle of sangria that will pair nicely with the carnage.
After party at a club that night to cleanse yourself after the world's biggest food fight, and all your accommodation and transport included. 

Where: Buñol, near Valencia, Spain.
When: August 24th - 28th.
Cost: 60€ a day (excluding Tomatina ticket)


Book La Tomatina (use Promo Code IWH for unlimited Beer and Sangria)

szigets 4.jpg

Sziget Music Festival

Sziget Festival is full to it’s Budapestal brim with culture, music and arts. 

This massive festival started from humble beginnings and a tiny budget, but 11 years later, it’s booming.

Where: Sziget, Budapest, Hungary
When: August 10-17th
How: Fly with any cheap airline – check out Skyscanner, or go on a bus or train. From the hostel, we take you to the festival (one way only)
Cost: Accommodation packages available for 6 nights (360€ excluding Sziget ticket) and 3 nights (180€ excluding Sziget ticket) or you can just buy your tickets to the festival
Sleep: In one of the Party Hostels in the beautiful city of Budapest!
Drink: At our power hour before heading to the fest
Tickets: 1 day: 52€, 5 day: 199€, 7 day: 229€


Book (use Promo Code IWH for free Teeshirt)

Running of the Bulls 2 .jpg

Running of the Bulls

Be afraid, be very, kinda, afraid...

Of having a whale of a time!
Because in addition to the wonderful terror that is the Pamplona bull run, this San Fermin trip is so much more! It is one of the world's biggest street parties - day and night you can drink and dance and smooch in the streets. And there are cultural events every day, so you can do something nice and really justify going on a massive rampage during the night. 

When: July 6th - 14th


Book Now (use Promo Code IWH for unlimited Beer and Sangria)

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